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Painful Penalty of Presumptuous Practices


Compromise, though it may grow undetected, is sure to carry a final price tag of painful consequences. How do we respond when relativism leads us to assume that non-optional principles of life are optional? Such presumption is the halmark of the times! In this age of neutrality we would do well to take warning from an historical account of the methods that did and did not work for Israel when they went to war against their immoral neighbors the Philistines without waging war against the Philistine morals that were already in their hearts. As Mr. Magnuson points out, presumption preceded pain on both sides of the battle and from the account in 1 Samuel 4-7 we receive a convicting, contemporary message about the right and wrong ways to respond when our conscience sends the signal of pain. Is it too late for Ebenezer’s people to find victory and virtue in Him? Listen as Mr. Magnuson gives vital insight on the counsel God gives in dealing with the pressures and temptations of the world.



Length: 51 min.

Primary Topic: Total Surrender

Speaker: Roger Magnuson

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