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It doesn’t take very much to spark a fear. It could be something life-threatening like cancer. But usually not. How good are you at identifying and overcoming fears? Rather than letting our imagination run wild, this testimony from Jenny Speed about the decisions she and her husband had to make for cancer treatment will give you another route to take when your faith is challenged. Whether it’s an emergency, a surprise or just plain bad news, faith will always be able to handle it.



Length: 47 min.

Primary Topic: For Wives

Date: 2016

1 thought on “Overcoming Fear”

  1. How do you get to a place where you feel God is your protector even though you were molested? This is my BIGGEST struggle. I was molested as a child and it changed everything and overtook my life for so long, I felt God wasn’t my protector or I need to protect my children because this world is evil and evil things happen… I don’t blame God but at the same time I don’t think I fully trust God because what if He lets it happen to my children? I never want them to experience that. Can you help me get to a place where I trust Him and believe He is my protector?

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