Our Spiritual Journey


The Duggars’ story in forty-seven minutes: how the Lord turned their hearts to have children, how they made it through when the first few were young, how God led their family through the challenges of politics and gave them a testimony of the truth that children are a blessing.

Special note: This message is similar to the Duggars’ 2009 message, Our Testimony.



Length: 47 min.
Date: 2011

Speaker: Duggar Family

2 thoughts on “Our Spiritual Journey”

  1. Bread of Life

    God bless the Duggars! This was so encouraging to listen to. What an amazing story the Lord is writing in their lives. We are at 4 children (so far) and it blessed my heart to hear Michelle’s struggles and depending on the Lord alone to help her. Many blessings to the Duggars!

  2. RE: Decision Making with One Accord Power

    _____ We do the same thing as Mr. Duggar (see 36:46 and 38:03) when we need to make a quick decision (or when we want to know for sure what God wants us to do): We ask God! From Matthew 18:19 “… if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.” We are not asking God to do something specifically, but just to make it clear to us what He wants us to do. In Chapter 1 of his book “Seven Courtship Secrets,” Dr. Gothard calls this the Power of One Accord.

    _____ In the Old Testament, the High Priest always carried a set of Urim and Thummim in a pouch attached to his Ephod (Lev 8:8). They were like dice or coins in that they had a “yes” side and a “no” side. So, in the same spirit, we say a prayer that has 3 parts: (1) God, You know our hearts and You know we are seeking to know and do Your Will, (2) Please help us all to be willing for this decision to go either way, and (3) As God’s children, we claim His protection from any evil interference in this “fleece event.” We proclaim, “This is strictly between us and the Lord because we are seeking to know and follow His Will for our lives.”

    _____ One person “calls it.” The other tosses the coin. When we have the answer, we are much more resolute and confident in moving forward to take the action that God has shown us to take. We are much less prone to second-guess each other or doubt the decision. There is less fear and more faith for everyone concerned. I believe this is the Power that Dr. Gothard spoke of in the chapter on One Accord Power.

    _____ Sometimes we use 2 coins if we have 3 or more options for our decision (as in H-H, H-T, T-H or T-T). Also, sometimes we have a choice left blank so that God can give us further direction for an option that we have not thought of. (We just use a question mark to acknowledge that we do not know everything. “God’s ways are higher…”)

    _____ This has brought much peace to our family especially in making decisions that involve our older, young adult (aka. teenage) children. **Moms can use this with children when Dad is not available to ask!** (But the children must be alert and be in agreement in prayer with the mom. “… if two of you agree…”) This has been a wonderful Gift from the Lord and we thank Him! James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”

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