The One Mistake that Families Cannot Afford to Make


Self-government is the measure of a man. Irritations and mistakes are sure to arise in every home but whether they are allowed to threaten our closest relationships is a choice that is ours. And so it is that fathers, mothers, sons and daughters would all do well to take note of an otherwise commonly-tolerated sin that is nailed in this simple message. Learn to recognize (as well as to help others recognize) a serious threat to the harmony and joy God wants you to have as a family. A host of other woes including the spirit of perfectionism, temporal values, and hypocrisy can also be averted with a quick question that Gil and Kelly Bates have learned to ask when the pressure is on.



Length: 55 min.

Primary Topic: Family Harmony

Date: 2011

9 thoughts on “The One Mistake that Families Cannot Afford to Make”

  1. Thank you Gil and Kelly for this wonderful testimony. This touched on a tender spot on my heart that I have been trying for years to define and fix. I grew up with parents that continually crushed my spirit and to this day they can’t understand why our family has no joy or harmony. I always swore that if I ever had children I didn’t want to treat them the way I was treated, even though I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was they had done to me, I didn’t like how it made me feel that I could never be good enough. This message has been a blessing to me today.

  2. Thank you so much for this message! We as a family have been working on this subject and hearing more insight is very helpful. Thank you all for what you do to have this put on here for people like us!

  3. AMEN! Thank-you for sharing that testimony! We hope and pray that the Lord gives you counsel and grace to do the good that you are seeking! This message has blessed us a s well. 😉
    – The Kauffeld Family

  4. What a powerful message. God help us to count the cost of getting angry. Nothing temporal is worth damaging people for, especially our family. God used this to show me I’m angry. Thank you for a very convicting message.

  5. Great message! It was so encouraging to know that other families experience the same things as we do and be able to encourage us in doing a much better job at showing grace and love. Thank you!

  6. I played this as background noise while I was doing some work. The work has stopped and the conviction has started. This is exactly what I needed to hear to spark a transformation in my life. Thank you for being a vehicle the Lord has used to speak to me. I’m stunned. I’m just sitting here stunned. I’m at a loss for words. Just know that I am grateful for having heard. Thank you.


  7. Thank you so much for this wonderful message! I admit I can struggle with anger sometimes and it has been heavy on my heart to study God’s word to fix this problem in my life especially before I have children so I don’t offend their little hearts in any way and turn them from the Lord because of my lack of self control over my spirit. Thank you for letting God show you and speak through you! What an incredible heart grabbing story of the little boy at the end… what a huge awareness story that had on my heart. We don’t know the sins we’re capable of committing when lack of control of our spirit occurs. Thank you!

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