The Most Important Thing That God Asks of Us


Life can be busy. Finding peace and order can feel like an impossible mission. The very pursuit of simplicity may seem to produce only complexity, intensifying the wish for one, all-important guiding principle. What if we were to turn from the pursuit of one principle to the pursuit of the principled One? Then the question would be “What is most important to my Lord and Savior?” Jerry Benjamin shows from both the Old and New Testaments how much God would delight to manifest Himself in answer to that question!



Length: 64 min.

Primary Topic: Loving Jesus Christ

Date: 2010

Speaker: Jerry Benjamin

2 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing That God Asks of Us”

  1. What a powerful talk Jerry gave! He is so eloquent in tying Scriptures together. So, if we are to love God, how do we do it? Is it an act of our will or do we have to receive that love from God? How do we receive that love from God? By God opening our eyes and realizing that we are totally depraved and we don’t deserve God’s love. Instead, we deserve eternal damnation because there is no good thing in us – even our good intentions are Self-absorbed. And at that moment we will experience that God loves us anyway, and it’s absolutely amazing! It God’s grace. Then, we can love God with the same love He first loved us. Thank you Jerry Benjamin for this clear presentation of the most important thing God asks.

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