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Wisdom Booklet preparation and teaching will naturally bring together, under one central theme, many and varied resources from life: a legal pad and pen, a Strong's Concordance, dictionaries (plural!), whiteboards, checklists, highlighters, spray paint, brightly colored paper, chalk ... the church parking lot, the library, maps (especially the photocopiable ones!), lap books (and minute books ... not to mention notebooking), rebus puzzles, character quality definitions, Character Sketches, Meditation Worksheets, the planning handbook course codes, the Little People Text, the climactic Life Classroom Worksheet, science projects, hymn histories, songs, reports, mealtimes, trials and tribulations ... What? Yep! ... even illness and interruptions, questions, needs, unique interests, ministry opportunities, musical instruments, local support groups, the grandparents, the Wisdom Searchers .... With so much to pull from, how do you choose? Learn the special ways that consistently keeping one verse of Scripture before the eyes of your family makes your own house and your own life your own best school.