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Making the Best Use of Our Most Valuable Asset


What resources do you have at your disposal to advance God’s Kingdom? Most of us can think of many. By sharing his personal testimony of the surprising turn of events that took him from Indiana University to international influence through writing and research with the Institute in Basic Life Principles, Larry Guthrie shares a valuable resource we often overlook but could be using daily. To God be the glory!



Length: 55 min.

Primary Topic: Facing Difficulties

Date: 2008

Speaker: Larry Guthrie

1 thought on “Making the Best Use of Our Most Valuable Asset”

  1. Thank you Dr. Guthrie for such a wonderful and targeted illustration of irritations. I was on the verge of submitting my resignation letter just like before. Almost on every occasion, I left in anger and bitterness because I felt my bosses did not appreciate the amount of time I spent to produce those quality work. On the other hand I have a weakness of speaking too directly. Now, I can see clearly what I have to do and will not be afraid if irritants are near.

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