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Life Purpose Planning: Understanding the Heart of Your Child


Every son and daughter is different. What is the best way to come alongside your son or daughter as they learn to make decisions and prepare for the future? Dewey Novotny turns the overwhelming task of answering life’s questions into an achievable, practical plan for parents and their children and in addition to expounding on life purpose sheds new light on how to win the heart of your child in the process.



Length: 62 min.
Date: 2004

Speaker: Dewey Novotny

1 thought on “Life Purpose Planning: Understanding the Heart of Your Child”

  1. I have listened to this message at least a dozen times when I received it in the College Plus advanced info CDs for parents.
    This info is priceless! I wish, I wish, I WISH I had had this when my children were younger. Oh, what a difference it
    would have made. Mr. Novotny, your teaching is the BEST!

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