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Letting Go and Letting God


One of the hardest things in parenting is learning to let go. For those who have grown children, or even those that are just beginning a family, this statement may accurately describe that apprehensive feeling when anticipating the inevitable. How do you know when your children will be ready to face the world? As the parents of 19 children, Gil and Kelly Bates understand what it means to go through that transition. The unique insights gained from their vast experience all center on just one theme—demonstrating the unconditional love of the Father to their children.



Length: 51 min.

Primary Topic: Family Harmony

Date: 2014

2 thoughts on “Letting Go and Letting God”

  1. Dear Embassy Media,

    So glad I found this website! Our family loves the Bates family. What an inspiration they are to so many! Our church has been changing and not for the better. Discouragement sets in and I find myself staying home on Sundays and spending time alone with the Lord. Many times I think how nice it would be to hear a sermon and music that ministers to my heart and soul. As I searched YouTube for sermons by Gil and Kelly Bates, I realized the pickings were slim! I recently requested to join a Facebook group called, “Fans of the Bates Family”. One of the members of that group, Jaci DeRouen, posted about Embassy Media and that you all offer wonderful teaching seminars/sermons. I’m excited to see what else you have to offer in regards to Biblical teaching. When our free trial is over, I will be subscribing. Thank you for this much-needed and appreciated resource!

    God bless,

    Barbara Wood

  2. Love to hear the Bates speak! I have learned so much by listening to these and also their kids youtube channels where they interview their parents!!
    Thank you for your Godly example but also youre down to earth, not too uptight , humble attitudes!!
    Rachel Maples
    Monett, Mo

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