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Lessons from the Life of the Eagle


The question isn’t whether or not we can avoid the storm. Life is a series of challenges. The question is whether or not we will be ready to meet those uncomfortable changes as they come. Together, generations of eagles likewise pass on the skills of survival and yes, even the art of flight itself. There is much to learn from the maturity phases of the eaglets on their journey toward the heavens. In addition to a wealth of lesser known facts about our national bird, the Bald Eagle, Matthew Bowman “draws” our attention to specific verses of Scripture on the dynamics of flight training. What an encouragement for young people and their parents alike as they outgrow the comfort of the nest, cry out to the Lord, find their wings, and discover the thrills of real God-honoring independence.



Length: 22 min.

Primary Topic: Facing Difficulties

Date: 1999

Speaker: Matt Bowman

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