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Lesson 071 – “From Powerless Faith to Powerful Faith,” Part 1


Raised in a nominally Christian home, Dr. Jobe Martin decided he wanted no part of the powerless faith his parents professed. He tells Bob Newhouse his testimony of how he left home, went to college and majored in music and Biology, and became a “convinced evolutionist.” Continuing his spiritual journey in dental school, he became an agnostic, confessing that he did not know if God existed. By the end of dental school, he was an “agnostic evolutionist Zen Buddhist.” While in the military, the young captain decided to pray to God, just in case He was real. The resulting answer changed the course of his intriguing spiritual journey, as told in the first part of his testimony.


Length: 11 min.

Primary Topic: Evangelism

Date: 2016

Speaker: Dr. Jobe Martin

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