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Legacy of Faith—Larry Guthrie (Trailer)


Coming soon! A continuation of the Legacy of Faith series, featuring the testimony of Dr. Larry Guthrie, a man who contributed greatly to the production of the beloved Character Sketches, Eagle Story, and the Children’s Institute. These results of Dr. Guthrie’s service have been great vessels of truth, aiding an impact on thousands of lives around the world.

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Length: 2 min.

Primary Topic: Facing Difficulties

Date: 2020

Speaker: Larry Guthrie


1 thought on “Legacy of Faith—Larry Guthrie (Trailer)”

  1. As far back as I can remember, my brothers and I have enjoyed the outdoors.

    Thanks to the Character Sketches, my parents had a way to tangibly link our family’s love for nature and our love for God. The Lord our God is one Lord. Thank you for being used of Him to help our family love Him, not just with our heart, but with our mind and strength, through the academic subjects in which we take personal interest. My life verse is Matthew 6:26 and about this time every year, I take the chance to hike and go birding. Today it was a blessing to come back from the time out and see your trailer/testimony beginning on Embassy.  

    Thank you Legacy of Faith team as well. You couldn’t have timed the rollout better. God bless you Dr. Guthrie as you continue looking to the Creator, finding analogies and life principles that will make a life-long impact on young people and their families indoors and out. We’ll anticipate hearing more of your life message.

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