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Learning the Fear of the Lord


Do you make daily decisions with a constant awareness of the heavenly Father’s presence? His words: “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee”, while they are often used to comfort the afflicted, can bring an equal dose of inspiration and encouragement to any Christian who desires to live and serve in the assurance that He is present. Using many life testimonies and true stories, Jim Sammons reminds us that we serve a living God. He still uses His Word and His Spirit to give us the direction we need and we can be assured that as we tune our ears to His promptings, He will be more than able to perform everyday miracles to His glory and honor. (See Proverbs 9:10; Hebrews 13:5-6.)




Length: 34 min.

Primary Topic: Loving Jesus Christ

Date: 2012

Speaker: Jim Sammons

4 thoughts on “Learning the Fear of the Lord”

  1. I really appreciated listening to this talk by Jim Sammons just now. Listening to the “promptings” of the Holy Spirit may not be an “exact science”, but it is amazing the power there is when we follow through on what we are urged to do. Thanks, Jim, for these good words and stories. I’ve always appreciated you so much for the sincerity and humility you have in sharing. Something about the way you share gives me hope that God can use me, too, if I just listen to Him. Blessings! Mark Yoder, Jr.

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