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Introduction to the Mission Field: Spiritual Warfare


In this message, Otto Koning will take you on a journey where you imagine that you are Christian missionary filled with the Spirit living among savage people who are controlled by demons. Are you willing to be part of the army that undertakes the completion of the Great Commission to make the bride of Christ complete? Then you must be prepared to do battle with the enemy and destroy him. Otto will give you instructions about the weapons you can use in this spiritual warfare, mainly understanding the principles of your identification in Jesus Christ.



Length: 57 min.

Primary Topic: World Missions

Speaker: Otto Koning

1 thought on “Introduction to the Mission Field: Spiritual Warfare”

  1. Thank you so much Brother Koning–You are a great encouragement to me. I am a missionary in central Mexico and I have learned how to tell the enemy not to interfere, based on God’s Word, from you. God is working here. We don’t have headhunters but we have witchcraft and people who worship “holy death” who are definitely in opposition to God’s work. Thank you for sharing from your experience. God’s blessing to you! –Ann

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