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Importance of Remedial and Corrective Reading


As you may have already discovered in the process of teaching your own children, the world of reading includes a wider range of skills than academic skills. God designed us with five senses and it is through sensory perception as well as mental acuity that young minds learn to pick up and process the information needed for fluency in reading. By distinguishing the effective differences between auditory and visual memory, Tom Hunsberger has helped many frustrated parents understand the reasons for the obstacles they face in helping their younger ones (and older ones!) learn to read.

Special note: This approach is based on word recognition. If a child has a problem with language processing or memory (repeating a short sentence, verse or number sequence back from memory), his or her individual difficulty in processing may need attention first.



Length: 34 min.

Primary Topic: Learning Efficiency

Date: 2003

Speaker: Tom Hunsberger

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