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The Impact of Generosity in a City


Have you ever been to a restaurant and reached for the salt shaker, only to find that the salt had become hardened inside it from lack of use? Dr. John Morgan of Sagemount Church uses this idea as just one of many illustrations to make his point, that “we have got to go out to where the people actually are … and most of the time, they are not sitting in our churches.” Through somewhat unorthodox means, John Morgan has led and challenged his congregation to reach out to their community of Houston, Texas in the name of Jesus Christ. The drive behind their actions is simply to cause others to see Jesus. May these stories reignite in you a zeal to go and be a brighter light and more potent salt in your own world.



Length: 41 min.

Primary Topic: Debt, Evangelism

Date: 2014

Speaker: John Morgan

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