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Identifying Responsibility in Reconciliation


Have you ever been in an argument with someone, and knew that you were 100% right (or at least 90%)? Mike and Connie Walsh noticed this was happening rather frequently with them. The only problem was that each spouse assumed he or she was the right one! That’s when the couple came to realize how hard it is for human pride to admit even 10% of the wrong. Laugh and cry as you hear the often humorous ways that God gave the Walshes the grace—and joy—to transfer the focus off of “who is right” and freely consider one another’s perspective.



Length: 73 min.

Primary Topic: Marriage Communication

Date: 2002

3 thoughts on “Identifying Responsibility in Reconciliation”

  1. Yes, I agree with Mr. Wilson’s comment. The knowledge they have is a priceless relationship-saver. I’m not married yet and I fancy myself as a good listener already but they target the pride that gets in the way of truly hearing another’s heart. I appreciate the creative, thorough listing of signs of pride, the revelation that “being right” (or even having a strong marriage) are not the ultimate goals, the insight on Greek middle voice verbs, and the way they choose on a continual basis to simply interact instead of feeling challenged. Praise the Lord. How obvious it is when you look at it, that humility can make each situation beautiful.

  2. Their book is REALLY good. I had a problem reading it because the ink was not black, it was gray or something. I hope they can re-do the printing and publish a new edition.

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