How Your Family Can Grow in the Beauty of Holiness


It is difficult to find a family that is happy: family members that make it a point to learn to grow together and to enjoy one another’s fellowship along the way. What happened? With age you may realize more and more what it takes to model Christlikeness and to ward off the temptations of bitterness, anger and indulgence. Yet by God’s grace and for God’s glory it is possible. It is possible to be a family that knows the beauty of holiness. With a ring of truth that comes from many hard experiences and many great accounts of deliverance, Ken Pierpont explains how to redeem the short time God gives with loved ones and how to draw upon His power to pursue the harmony that defies all odds.



Length: 67 min.

Primary Topic: Family Harmony

Date: 2007

Speaker: Ken Pierpont

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