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How to Separate Our Will From God’s Will


World renowned speaker Ray Comfort delivers an insightful message concerning God’s will for our lives. He points out that as we grow to know Christ more, His thoughts become our thoughts, and His desires become our desires. Sit back and enjoy a message full of humorous stories and applicable truth!



Length: 50 min.

Primary Topic: Evangelism

Date: 1996

Speaker: Ray Comfort

2 thoughts on “How to Separate Our Will From God’s Will”

  1. The kids and I have been studying the character wisdom this month and this just tied in so very nicely!!! Someone just recently asked me about your character qualities. It was from another book that was inspired by the basic seminars but I was able to credit it back to MR. Gothard. That has been the third person that I have spoken about Mr. Gothard in some fashion. Our home phone has been ringing for political support and I have been using it to promote God’s glory. Please keep me in your prayers as I will need to teach the kids as well so they can promote God’s kingdom. Came across this scripture when I do talk with them on the phone. ps. 18:44

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