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How to Redeem the Time by Relating It to Eternity


Taking eternity into account changes things. Naturally it can be easy to forget about eternity, focusing instead on our own life and the time we assume is ours. “Numbering our days” enables us to stand back and glimpse the “mosaic” God has been creating from the beginning of time. Only by acknowledging the brevity of our life, will we discern how God intends to use our life to the fullest, in a way that will count for eternity in His kingdom. From this perspective, you will be challenged to structure your life around that which is eternal, grow to love the Word of God and be motivated to pass on a lasting heritage to your children and grandchildren. Learn with Tom Harmon the joy of exchanging time for that which will outlast it.



Length: 58 min.

Primary Topic: Time Management

Date: 2010

Speaker: Tom Harmon

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