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How to Prepare Your Family for Persecution


“Ready to learn?” With this simple invitation, Josef Tson invites us as American Christians to reevaluate what we have been taught regarding world history. He presents the way Marxism permeated Russia, Europe, and, yes, the United States. Consider: Does “political correctness” mean correct decisions? Does our education system develop children who can think? Did the sexual revolution produce “freedom” or bondage? Isn’t humanism actually de-humanizing us as humans? Tson, a Romanian pastor who endured the brainwashing of the Marxist mentality, persuasively exhorts us to model courage for our children, inspiring them to remain “special” as Christians—wonderfully free from “social conditioning,” no matter the cost.



Length: 46 min.

Primary Topic: Persecution

Date: 2018

Speaker: Dr. Josef Tson

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