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How to Position Yourself to Perform the Way God Wants You To


The Temple was the Lord’s house. You would think the house of God would have always been impeccably clean, right? Wrong! Like King Josiah, we, too, may be surprised at the ease and rapidity with which the influences of the world infiltrate our homes, our lives, and our thinking. We must be vigilant and guard against the media stealing our children’s hearts! In this message for fathers from a father, Gil Bates motivates us to evaluate whether the things we allow in our homes are a help or a hindrance to raising children for God.



Length: 65 min.

Primary Topic: For Dads

Date: 2018

1 thought on “How to Position Yourself to Perform the Way God Wants You To”

  1. Thank you for alerting us to the agenda behind the movies as well as to all the dangers of sensationalism in general.

    Our family has observed that the movie-making industry generates revenue by creating an ever-increasing addiction to what is “new” and exciting. On the other hand, when God gives a family an appetite for what is godly, that appetite can often be satisfied by reading the same verses, hearing the same messages or watching the same Moody Science Films over and over again! It is a wonderful and freeing way of life not to live on adrenaline but by being “mighty in Spirit”.

    [Genuine love] rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoices with the truth (I Corinthians 13:6). God bless you and your children and your grandchildren! Thanks again.

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