How Sin is Overcome—Romans 6


Christians everywhere are living in defeat. What are we missing? The most important concepts for victorious living are substitution and identificationthat Christ died for us, and that we died in Christ. Not only are we now free from the penalty of sin; we are free from the power of sin! However, just like the emancipated slaves in America who were legally free, not all Christians are immediately aware of or embrace their new identity, causing them to continue living as slaves to sin. The Christian life is parallel, and Believers must embrace these powerful truths for true freedom in Christ.




Length: 60 min.

Primary Topic: Victory Over Sin

Date: 2013

Speaker: Jamie Lash

4 thoughts on “How Sin is Overcome—Romans 6”

  1. Serena Williams Ainsworth

    What a powerful message following Jesus’ command to repent… thank you so much! I am beginning to understand the gift of Grace given to me long ago and the holiness of my God and Savior. Thank you. Blessings.

  2. Thank you for posting all these messages from Jamie Lash. Thank you for making the notes available in the pdf. It is really helpful to follow along.
    Mary Del Mul

  3. We saw Jamie live back in 2013. We have watched this series of four videos four times over the years and it still drives home such a great message of truth on identity versus conduct!

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