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How God Encourages Christians


In this first of three messages in his short series, Roy shares a very wise perspective on what Christians can look to when they suffer. Many times, when life seems to fall apart, God will work a miracle to encourage His own. And even if He doesn’t work a miracle, He can still keep us from feeling down emotionally. And when there are no emotions, He can bring special people, at the right time, with the right word, to provide the comfort all of us need. If there are no miracles, no emotions and no supporters, even then, His true Word will not fail to overcome discouragement and lies. And what if, even in this Bible-flooded world, God seems silent? For Christians past or present, mature or immature, well-known or unheard of, God can, has, and will continue to bring the unchanging reality of His Son Jesus Christ which enables us in each circumstance to “offer the sacrifice of praise”.



Length: 58 min.

Speaker: Roy Daniel

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