How to Be a Giver and Not a Taker


The world is made up of two interesting types of people: those who take and those who give. Think of the most loved person you know. Such role models are not hard for us to remember! Givers live a life of giving! It is obvious that in giving they themselves are satisfied! Like Daniel in the Bible they are determined to bring full glory to God with their lives whether it brings persecution or honor. With illustrations from both his personal life and the Word of God, Dr. John Morgan explains the impact this perspective can have on our family, finances and relationships however materialistic the culture becomes. He gives us a glimpse of how Christ’s character, developed in the heart, at the core of who we are as God’s children, will bear the outward character-istics of our Lord and Savior Who gave Himself for us.



Length: 49 min.

Primary Topic: Debt, Giving

Date: 1996

Speaker: John Morgan

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