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How to Get Good Sleep in a Crisis


Hot on the heels of his first message about Joshua, Gil Bates hastens to bring further assurance from the life of David in Psalms chapter 3.  With soldiers hustling and the enemy in pursuit, we find here a secret to crisis management.  An unusual tactic, perhaps, but Jesus would take this same approach later, during a time of trouble.  It works!  So, whether or not you watch “action movies,” if your life feels like one right now and your family members need you to be the hero, here’s a script you can follow with confidence.



Length: 45 min.

Primary Topic: Facing Difficulties, Prayer

Date: 2021

1 thought on “How to Get Good Sleep in a Crisis”

  1. Great Thanku for this I now want to memorize psalms 3 it seems soo much clearer and REAL after hearing this I been memorizing psalms 18 and I kinda jump over tha buckler horn of my salvation and fortress part just didn’t seem to feel personal to me kinda like a churchy boring thing .. then I listened to this now I wanna look deeper in these words Thanku god bless you

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