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How to Engraft Rhemas Into Our Hearts and Souls


What happens when one man decides to “prepare his heart to seek the law of the Lord, then do it, and teach it”? The often-overlooked details in the account of Ezra prove that there is no limit to the number of benefits such a decision may bring. God’s law has application to our circumstances! The Bible has the answers for our day! Your heart will be challenged as Roger Magnuson waxes eloquent, recounting the “new” approach to life that makes impossible things possible for anyone who will delight in God’s Word with the clear intention of putting it into action.



Length: 43 min.
Date: 2012

Speaker: Roger Magnuson

2 thoughts on “How to Engraft Rhemas Into Our Hearts and Souls”

  1. Excellent. This is a REALLY good message. The finest that I have heard from Roger Magnuson. Well crafted and with great points. You really need to write them all down because there are so many. I’m surprised that this message is so low on the popularity page. Thank you!

  2. I totally agree with the former comment. what a life-changing message. I will have to listen to this message several times and take notes because I want what Ezra had. Thank you, Pastor Magnuson.

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