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How to Be an Effective Speaker


As Larry Guthrie illustrates, effectiveness comes at a very high cost—a personal cost. To make a point for someone else requires the accuracy, simplicity and practical application that grow out of my own real relationship with the Savior. Would I be willing even to go through what Job went through if that is what it takes to bring Him glory in my life? Am I broken? Is my testimony tested and proven, tried and true? Do I look in the mirror first for examples of brokenness, emptiness and commitment? Ultimately, am I willing to be poured out? To become a candle for God’s bright light to consume in its entirety? When given the opportunity, am I ready to relate my testimony to others in ways that are going to be remembered … or not? Only as I first confront myself with these reality check questions will they be able to hear from God themselves as they listen to what I say.



Length: 43 min.
Date: 1999

Speaker: Larry Guthrie

3 thoughts on “How to Be an Effective Speaker”

  1. very convicting; … and very heart changing. I have heard this before, but I needed a re-commitment to asking God to make me the “Real Thing”.
    Thank you.

  2. I really appreciated this Larry!

    God will reward you for this willingness to exalt the reputation of our Lord!

    It was the right thing to say to me – and I am confident it will effect others in the same way, particularly those who heard your first teaching – I am praying that the Holy Spirit will carry the truth to those who need to hear it!

    Paul Wilson

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