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How to Communicate Biblical Truth to a Secular Audience


As a Christian, have you ever realized that you have the power to present the moral values of Scripture in ways that both religious and secular audiences can understand and respect? From this dynamic vantage point David Barton brings into clear focus the exciting similiarities between the communication methods of Queen Esther, the Apostle Paul, Samuel Adams and Benjamin Rush. Logic, strategy and prudence were their constant companions on the side of right in critical times! Be encouraged as you uncover this sorely-overlooked key to becoming a successful proclaimer.



Length: 46 min.

Primary Topic: Worldview

Date: 2000

Speaker: David Barton

3 thoughts on “How to Communicate Biblical Truth to a Secular Audience”

  1. Really enjoyed David’s point of view on using biblical logic to argue, persuade and win with secular people like Paul did in scripture. The word of God is authority! That said, there is a time and place where our biblical logic should be used to gain an ear for those headed for hell and then let them know where your logic is based from so as to lead them to Jesus.

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