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If the Advanced Training Institute is a father’s tool for raising up sons and daughters that know how to incorporate basic principles of Scripture in home and business, where does he start in using that tool? Steve Dulin devotes the first thirty-five minutes of his session to organization and efficiency. This can be a challenge! But with wisdom and insight he points to the Creator and the effectiveness of emulating His order in a wide variety of general, personal and corporate settings. God is not the author of confusion but of peace. Much can be accomplished by observing and conforming to His system of success. In the second half of this session comes a rapid-fire series of relationship tips, ranging from polishing shoes and shaking hands to handling a meeting, guiding conversations and avoiding arguments. Rather than becoming overwhelmed, become an overcomer and help your family develop problem solving skills in the school of life here and now.



Length: 59 min.

Primary Topic: Vision for Living

Date: 2011

Speaker: Steve Dulin

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