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Home Business Testimony


Many young men and women wonder how they will find the best vocation and the right life partner. They seek God for His will and His timing but wonder if He will show Himself strong. It is for that very purpose that Jim Sammons shares in this message many testimonies not mentioned in his other messages. The Sammons family knew that taking a different route to financial establishment would require developing character and seeking Him diligently. As with anyone, they needed His direction at each new turn. How they identified the character qualities God was trying to teach and how they learned to fear Him throughout the development of their skills is a story indeed. Be encouraged to hear about the specific ways God unfolded for them more and more of His very best as they did their best for Him.



Length: 34 min.

Primary Topic: Business Skills

Date: 1999

Speaker: Jim Sammons

1 thought on “Home Business Testimony”

  1. I owe so much to Mr. Sammons because I started reading the Psalms of the Day in January 2015 based on his recommendation in a Financial Freedom video. Thank you, Mr. Sammons, for being faithful to tell your testimony with such humility and honesty and for not failing to recommend the Psalms of the Day one-more-time. Your humble encouragement was exactly what I needed and I can truly say it saved my sanity, my marriage and probably my life! This is not an exaggeration. Thanks also to Mr. Gothard for recommending the Psalms of the Day in the IBYC conferences so many years ago. I wish I had obeyed then.

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