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Hitting the Mark with Seven Basic Principles


In the midst of life’s everyday circumstances, can you and your children identify basic Biblical principles at work? God’s ways are often just the opposite of our ways, and yet with determination, we can learn to find His best. With the analogy of a bow and arrow, Larry Guthrie shows how God is glorified when we apply the principles of design, responsibility, authority, suffering, ownership, freedom, and success. Proverbs 9:1 says that wisdom has “hewn out her seven pillars” and seven is certainly the number of perfection. But what eighth quality will complete the octave of Christian maturity? We will miss the mark of God’s glory without it! Discover how to cooperate with Him and “hit the mark” He has for you.



Length: 28 min.

Primary Topic: Vision for Living

Date: 1988

Speaker: Larry Guthrie

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