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Her Husband is Known in the Gates


God designs each wife to be the counterpart to their one and only, perfect, complete, complementary. But what do we actually do, with sheer imperfect humanity standing in the way? The next generation of Godly women must know the how of helping their husbands be what they can be and thus be all they can be as a couple. That is when experience and advice from our predecessors can be a boundless source of support. In this full-length message, Mrs. Cantrell brings together a wealth of practical things, including well thought-out definitions for some of the terms with which young ladies struggle most. One by one, the insights God gave her from Proverbs 31 can help us too as we overcome the attitudes and tendencies of a reactor and take on the vital responder role we were created to fulfill.



Length: 74 min.

Primary Topic: For Wives

Date: 1997

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