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Give Up Your Small Ambitions


We all have ambitions: they probably seem very significant to us right now. But what do they look like from God’s perspective? Until the day we die it remains fully within our power to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. It may take unusual discipline to frankly say No to the wine of worldly wisdom and invest ourselves fully in our Father’s business, but every man has the chance to take his stand with kings instead of the average and the normal. After all God designed us to be temples of His glory. His intent is that we bear much fruit. Roger Magnuson’s character sketch on the aspects of a diligent man show clearly that if we fulfill our mission in life, it will only be because of intentionally preparing ourselves with the understanding that “all these things” toward which the world aspires are peripheral blessings of keeping the first things first in life.



Length: 71 min.

Primary Topic: Music, Vision for Living

Date: 1999

Speaker: Roger Magnuson

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