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Get Rid of Your Mask and Get Real


Each of us, as well as each of our children, have a part to play in the body of Christ and we can’t fulfill that role by being like anyone else. It takes Christ – likeness! Ann Conway challenges moms to identify “perfect ATI family” pitfalls and grow together with other families who experience the same challenges in the walk of faith! Young people suffer when hypocrisy is allowed in the home and church. But what does a real Christian have to fear? As believers take off their masks and spend time alone with the Lord, the Master Potter will show them exactly Who He would have them to be and their unique place in the body of Christ. Real life is the greatest drama of all time! We don’t have to wear a mask to play our part.



Length: 41 min.

Primary Topic: For Moms, Music

Date: 2006

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