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The Freedom of Faith


“Without faith, it is impossible to please God … and by works was faith made perfect”. What we do with what we know is very important to the Lord. He will test what we say we believe. In this message Jim Schettler looks over the shoulder of one man of faith from God’s hall of fame, Moses, to see what he would do after the Exodus along the wilderness road between Egypt and the Promised Land. When the time came for a tough decision to be made how did the blessed hope translate into steps of action? And what about us, when we find ourselves in uncharted territory? Is the perfect will of God still our goal at the dead end of Pihahiroth? When the Deliverer sends His Spirit and His Word to guide us in a new direction will it be enough for us to take heart and move forward? Will we look for a more direct and easy way out, or will that relationship be our route?



Length: 42 min.

Primary Topic: Vision for Living

Date: 2011

Speaker: Jim Schettler

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