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The Formula That Healed the City


There are times when the eternal purposes of God are at stake. At these times God seeks vessels to use for His life, power and healing to the world, city by city and nation by nation. From the present anti-church culture in America to the state of Christianity in regions within the 10/40 Window, Doug Small describes the spiritual needs of our day and the way God is raising up His people to meet them. In this message, he will share his heart for seeking God-ordained fervency in prayer and revival. In humility and the fear of the Lord he outlines how readily we as Christians may dare to apply the miracle-working power of Elijah to the context of the world in which we live. Come, discover what on earth God is doing–and be a part of it.



Length: 56 min.

Primary Topic: Church Ministry, Prayer

Date: 2012

Speaker: Doug Small

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