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The Forgotten Keys of True Success


Against the backdrop of world history shines the unprecedented Christlike selflessness of George Washington who twice chose life on the farm over concentration of power. Joseph in Egypt; the Judges of Israel; Josiah in Judah; Alexander the Great; Julius Caesar and the Roman Republic; Muhammad; the Crusades; the trade routes east and west by land and sea to the Orient and the Americas; the Vikings, Aztecs, Spaniards and British; Oliver Cromwell; Jan (John) Sobieski; Presidents Madison, Harrison and Coolidge; Hegel; Hitler and Marx; FDR and LBJ; the 9/11 Crisis … Federer highlights the way each of these has played a part in giving us, who live at this time in history, a clearly defined choice to make between selfishness or self government: the centralization of power or the use of our liberty to serve one another in love.



Length: 86 min.

Primary Topic: Debt, History

Date: 2009

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