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Five Steps That Turn Persecution Into Power


Could it be that our problems are the answers to our prayers? If so, it would explain the difference between why one Christian would beg and plead and struggle while another Christian, going through the same experience, would grow in his faith, successfully resist the enemy, and maintain the undying hope that his trial will be turned into yet another amazing opportunity for God to show Himself strong (Romans 5:3-5). The distress point is the turning point on which hinges not only our health and happiness but the future of the Christian faith. For how else will the heathen be won except they witness a living Christ in our reaction of rejoicing? With Otto Koning may the cry of our heart ring out: “Help us Father to take that strong spiritual medicine of rejoicing in You … that we might see miracles once again in our lives and in our families and in our churches … in the midst of tribulation”.



Length: 58 min.

Primary Topic: Persecution, Prayer

Date: 2001

Speaker: Otto Koning

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