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A Father’s Victory Over Hidden Failures


When Paul and Jenny Speed first gave their testimony of what the Lord had done for them during a Family Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, such conviction broke out that they were asked to share it again in Sacramento, California where this presentation was taped. Since that time it has been a tool God has used mightily to break up the fallow ground for many families across the nation who have realized how much it takes to unseat the “Don’t tell” mindset. With a new hope for the next generation they testify of the power behind the promise that if we confess our faults to one another, especially to our husband or wife, and especially in the area of hidden moral defeat, God is faithful and just to forgive us even in this area and cleanse us from moral impurity. With sincerity and humility, the Speeds show how the Lord set their whole family free from bondage as dad led the way in confession and how together they walked through the door of forgiveness into permanent freedom from the tormentors that had gained ground in their home.



Length: 45 min.
Date: 2005

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