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Faith vs. Feelings


Having faith in our own faith is becoming a widespread problem among Christians. Those who profess to know Christ feel that at times their faith is not strong enough. But isn’t this another self-centered religion all over again? Faith requires an object. In this simple message, Faith Versus Feelings, Roy Daniel illustrates how when Jesus Christ is kept as the object of our faith, we find (as did George Müller, Charles Finney, Samuel Morris and R. A. Torrey) that all we need has been given to us already in Him! Feelings come and go. Faith by itself can be misplaced. Even Godly examples of faith can become idols. Being in Christ is the one reliable starting point. Then we experience the grace that God can give to faithfully pray the prayers, prepare the lessons, and preach the sermons God can use.



Length: 49 min.

Primary Topic: Loving Jesus Christ, Prayer

Speaker: Roy Daniel

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