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The Snake Story – Part 2


After missionary Otto Koning declared the victorious name of Jesus over the powers of darkness, he began to witness whole tribes experiencing spiritual freedom. Now that Satan had been bound, many natives began coming to Christ!

Soon thereafter, however, Otto began to experience setbacks in his evangelistic endeavors as distractions were preventing the people from understanding the Gospel. He realized that these distractions were from Satan to keep the villagers from the truth, but he didn’t know how to stop the distractions. This situation was different from his encounter on the jungle trail; then, Satan was attacking him. Now, Otto was not the target of Satan’s attack; rather, the people were. What was he to do?


“Out of that jungle came the loudest scream that I’d ever heard . . . My heart was pounding like a drum. I could hardly breathe.”


In this Legacy of Faith presentation, Otto Koning shares the remainder of The Snake Story — transparently sharing about his own inability to cause the natives to understand the truth, and how the Lord led him back to the key that brought about spiritual understanding and victory.


Length: 29 min.
Date: 2019

Speaker: Otto Koning


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