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The Snake Story – Part 1


When missionary Otto Koning served among the tribes of New Guinea, he reached a point where he was at the end of his rope. The people he was trying to reach were animists and demon worshipers, and it seemed that there was little response to the Gospel. It was during this time that Otto learned a spiritual reality that would reverse the tide of spiritual darkness: the power of Jesus’ name. However, not long after Otto learned this enlightening truth, he was challenged to use it when he faced a terrorizing confrontation on the jungle trail. The locals believed the source of this confrontation was a snake. But in the midst of the frightening situation, the missionary discovered something far more dangerous.


“Out of that jungle came the loudest scream that I’d ever heard . . . My heart was pounding like a drum. I could hardly breathe.”


In this Legacy of Faith presentation, Otto Koning recounts a vital lesson he learned in relation to spiritual warfare. In this first part of The Snake Story, Otto shares how a frightening encounter in the jungle became a strategic turning point for the advancement of the Gospel.


Length: 29 min.

Primary Topic: Prayer, Spiritual Warfare

Date: 2019

Speaker: Otto Koning


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