Some of the most terrible consequences in the Bible are those given for the sin of pride, and some of the greatest blessings in the Bible are promised for humility. But surprisingly, it’s easy to confuse the two! There are times when you may think, “I’m being humble,” and you’re really being proud. There are also times you may think, “I’m being proud,” but you’re really being humble.  Pride is deceitful and elusive and shows up in all sorts of unexpected ways.  There are some areas of stark contrast between pride and humility.

  1. The humble person craves godly counsel and correction.
  2. The humble person cancels contention by yielding rights.
  3. The humble person quickly confesses wrong.

He is quick to confess his own sin and slow to point out the sins in others. He is also quick to forgive other people who have done wrong.

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