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From Dinosaurs to Dung Beetles: The Creator’s Universal Sanitary Engineers


From the carrion, cow pies, and compost piles we see by the road or in the yard, to a worldwide flood several thousand years ago–or even local oil spills and caesium-137 spills today–we cannot escape the evidence that death, destruction, and decay inundate the natural world. Take it one step further however and we discover the foresight and provision of a loving Creator. How does the supernatural phenomenon of life always come springing out of what we see as waste and death? Detritivores large and small were specifically designed to this purpose. Jobe Martin’s journey takes us on a specific mission to find out more about their critical role and the way they ultimately proclaim our Redeemer’s praise.



Length: 53 min.

Primary Topic: Worldview

Date: 2016

Speaker: Dr. Jobe Martin

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