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Teasing, sarcasm, poking, and provoking do not win children’s hearts. Yet this wrong side of humor persists in families. Tim Levendusky understands that this demoralizing humor may be a matter of habit as many fathers were raised in homes where teasing was commonplace. We may use these forms of humor to get our children to improve or grow, but is this the best way? Tim’s cautions encourage us with better methods that can turn times of instruction and correction into pleasant memories for those who are closest to us.


Length: 31 min.
Date: 2019

Speaker: Tim Levendusky


2 thoughts on “The Danger of Teasing”

  1. Many thanks.

    There’s a need for clear messages like this one regarding humor, not to mention the television and news media. Their means of entering our homes and hearts are subtle. So thank you for encouraging us to exercise our senses to discern them earlier rather than later.

    And thank you for your example of good humor and making memories right along with service and work!

  2. Thank you for this message. It is one we mothers can identify with as well. I appreciate the scripture that you brought out and have a desire to share, with Don’s help, your thoughts with those young father’s in our church.

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