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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son ..." (John 3:16). From Israel to India world missions are God's own work. Discoveries of missionaries old and new, sent back from even the most remote parts of the earth, reveal more and more that He has gone before to prepare the fields that are white to harvest. In His sovereignty He has carefully planted the seeds of redemptive analogies in countries and cultures, legends and languages, even the stories of southern Asia's ancient sages, abundantly illustrating the things we take for granted in the written Word, pointing irrepressibly to Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God, the Logos, the only worthy Arbiter for peace between God and man. Don Richardson, author of Peace Child, and missionary to New Guinea at the same time as Otto Koning, shares in fairly full detail his testimony of cross-cultural communication and draws striking parallels to the miraculous findings of Robert Morrison, William Carey and others who many years ago gave their lives for the spread of the Gospel.