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The Crisis in Law and Government Policy


With an unbiased understanding of why people do what they do, the problems associated with politics, economics, civil justice and even the world’s major religions fade into the background of the way God’s design actually works. The war is not between capitalism and terrorism. What might appear a collision of equal civilizations becomes a simple and highly visible evidence that God’s ways work and ours do not. It is an individual matter of free choice to prosper or to envy those who prosper; to live out the freedom of the Lord Jesus Christ or to be controlled by the desire to control others. Get ready to take serious notes. Invite neighbors and friends “yearning to breath free” and hear a synopsis of 9/11 that puts the destiny of nations at your command–through the power to control not the world but yourself.



Length: 62 min.

Primary Topic: American History & Law

Speaker: Roger Magnuson

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