Corrie ten Boom: A Dramatic Monologue Presentation


“There is no pit so deep that His great love is not deeper still.” We can believe this statement when it comes from one who has been herself in that pit so deep. We identify with it keenly in our situations too. Everyone is tempted with doubt, revenge or bitterness and these emotions can be deep, yet God’s people are the ones to witness that there is something deeper still. Forgiveness. Stories of forgiveness become legacies, outliving the person and reaching far and wide beyond the boundaries of race and nationality. Such is the case now with the story of Corrie ten Boom herself, thanks to a dedicated reenactment by Shelley Hendry. Precise and personal, this 49-minute summary captures the numerous tangible details of life before, during, and after Ravensbrück.



Length: 49 min.

Primary Topic: Forgiveness

Speaker: Shelley Hendry

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  1. Corrie ten Boom has had a great impact in my life. I met her as a little girl, but of course did not comprehend her message and suffering at that time. But I have signed copies of several of her books which she had given to my grandmother. This was a wonderful presentation.

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