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Compassion—The Lost Art


In the end every Christian in Christianity will face the test that Christ Himself gives. Thankfully this test, the day of judgment, is an examination for which we can intelligently prepare, for things of even greater consequence than an Oxford degree hang in the balance! Souls in hell or heaven. The promulgation of revisionism or redemption. A life of self or service. The motto of “us” or “others”. Preparation for final testing of this caliber projects a practicable role for each believer in the drama of history: not to find ourselves, but to find the lost. Our Savior has set the example. In view of His sacrifice our sacrifices find all the motivation they need for a lifetime of evangelization and discipleship.



Length: 58 min.

Primary Topic: Debt, Evangelism, Music

Date: 2001

Speaker: Roger Magnuson

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